Big Data

Highly accurate, targeted data improves the quality of your database for effective contact.

Clickforce can instantaneously provide high quality consumer information to enhance your portfolio.

We offer secure file processing and fast and highly accurate data returns.  

  • Five9 users can directly import return data back into the Five9 system using our seamless integration.   
  • All clients can easily manage return files using our user-friendly interface.  
  • With our data, you can screen out bankruptcies and deceased records, separate cell phone numbers into manual call campaigns, or generate emails for new marketing and existing customer contact campaigns.  
  • Our data gives you the ability to sort landline phone numbers into predictive dialer campaigns which further minimizes the risk of TCPA Litigation.  
  • Clickforce offers per hit pricing so you only pay for the data you need.

Customer Contact

Clickforce proprietary technology links your customer or prospect with our massive data repository encompassing more than 95% of the U.S. population.  Our all in one search provides current phone numbers for landline, cell, and business along with a phone type indicator providing up to date information to improve the quality of your database.  This combination search also flags bankruptcy and deceased records and provides your accounts with active addresses and consumer emails.  The identification of phone type helps to sort your call campaigns into dialer and manual call campaigns.

Bankruptcy and Deceased Records

Clickforce provides a bankruptcy and deceased search that provides a full range of bankruptcy and deceased information. The quality of our bankruptcy information, including Case #, Date of file, District, Attorney Name & Phone number, and more, provides a high degree of accuracy to enhance the quality of your portfolio and eliminate the risks associated with contacting consumers who have filed for Bankruptcy.  Our deceased information provides the details to you need to verify and eliminate these records from your call campaigns.