The Clickforce Solution

Reduce exposure to TCPA lawsuits and run your call center operations seamlessly.

Easy to Integrate solution

Clickforce provides businesses with an independent cloud-based application that protects your call center’s operations from TCPA complaints.

The Clickforce application does not meet the definition outlined by the TCPA for an automated telephone dialing system (ATDS).  Clickforce does not produce any telephone numbers to be called and does not use a random number or sequential number generator to make calls.  

Our software is fully integrated with the Five9 call center suite.  

  • Agents using Clickforce have the ability to select a campaign and then to select an individual phone number to be called from that campaign. 
  • The agent selects the number to call and the call is initiated. 
  • All calls from the Clickforce system are selected by an agent and are manually initiated.

The use of Clickforce prohibits the ability of an agent or group of agents from making any calls without human interaction.  One of the key characteristics of an ATDS is the ability to dial phone numbers without “human intervention.” Accordingly, a number of recent court decisions have held that a system that is unable to dial phone numbers without a degree of human involvement is not considered to be an ATDS.

Clickforce is an easy to integrate solution that provides an extra layer of safety for your call center from unwanted and unexpected lawsuits related to the TCPA.