We support the following industries


Building a sustainable pipeline begins with customer contact.  Today’s customers are becoming increasingly more difficult to reach, and as consumers continue to disconnect their residential landlines, traditional predictive dialer campaigns become less effective and more costly to run. 

  • Clickforce can help you populate your campaigns with highly accurate residential phone numbers to dramatically improve contact ratios and reduce the cost of running your dialer.   
  • Also provides cell phone numbers which can be moved into separate campaigns for manual calls with the click of a button.
  • The highly efficient and TCPA risk mitigation system developed by Clickforce is seamlessly integrated into the Five9 Call Center Platform.

 Customer Care

Enhance the experience your customers have with your call center. 

  • Providing your agents with up to date customer contact information gives them the confidence they need to have highly productive interactions with your customers.


  • Our high-quality data provides your agents with relevant customer information across your omnichannel environment.


  • We can help you provide your customers with a seamless experience improving internal quality scores and external feedback.

Financial Services

Banking, Credit Unions, Creditors, Debt Buyers, and Collection Agencies all need the highest quality customer contact data. 

  • With today’s consumers shifting the way in which they prefer to be contacted, Clickforce’s powerful data provides the intelligence you need to make contact quickly and efficiently.


  • Our highly accurate data provides your omnichannel systems with the ability to drive portfolio performance and minimize risk. 


Today’s customers want retailers to be accessible to them from multiple contact points. 

  • Our all in one data solution provides high quality information to enhance your existing customer and prospect databases to generate more sales.


  • Our residential phones, cell phones, address, and emails enable a multichannel customer contact strategy in a highly effective manner.


  • Target high value prospects with both phone and email campaigns to build your brand.


  • Using Clickforce’s superior data accuracy reduces the high labor costs inherent in marketing campaigns while significantly driving revenue and results.


Expand your marketing effectiveness with accurate consumer contact data that allows you to effectively penetrate your target market. 

  • With access to over 95% of the US population, Clickforce delivers best in class data capabilities.


  • Today’s healthcare customers expect a unified experience across the entire spectrum of facilities and providers.


  • Clickforce can help you update and improve the quality of your data as well as provide new opportunities for revenue from new patients and recurring revenue from the existing client base.